Norton Cancer Institute

Exterior Spectrally Select Solar Control Film


Norton Cancer Institute KY engineering staff  had a beautiful wall of colored art glass installed behind a large curtain wall of exterior facing glazing that was exceeding temperatures of 130 degrees Fahrenheit during the hottest part of the day. The concern was that the art glass was going to break and or cause physical harm to anyone touching it. The challenge was that nothing could be installed on the art glass or the exterior curtain wall that would detract from the visual appeal of the art glass.


N.G.S. was called in to consult on the best solution for the space. The N.G.S. project manager recommended sampling an exterior high visible light transmittance, high heat rejection solar control film but needed to confirm the performance would be suitable given the extreme conditions. The sampled film ended up reducing the temperature on the art glass by 30 degrees Farenheit during the hottest part of the day while keeping  maximum visiblity to the art glass. The engineering staff was so impressed they approved the installation and have since provided testimonials to N.G.S.

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