Minneapolis – St Paul International Airport

3M Milano Cuts Glare at
MSP International Airport


Minneapolis St Paul International Airport was constructing the new MAC Humphrey Terminal and needed a solution to reduce the glare from the row of clerestory glass that ran the full length of the terminal. The challenge was that they needed a film that would have an architectural appeal and still be effective. Most construction professionals think of a “tinted” film to reduce glare but these films only reduce visible light and do not eliminate the direct glare issue.


3M Milano was selected because its ability to diffuse or scatter the light thereby eliminating direct glare. The windows also have a frosted or etched look accomplishing the aesthetic objective and the direct glare is all but eliminated. N.G.S. was awarded the contract to install 5,000 sqft of 3M Milano off a 45 foot boom lift after hours and was able to complete the project a week ahead of schedule. The end result is decorative, etched glass look that achieves the desired goal for the project team and ultimately all the ticket counter clerks that can now see their computer screens.