Harvesting Daylight- 3M Daylight Radial Lens Film

Baxter Pharmaceutical Harvests Daylight with 3M Daylight Radial Lens Film


Baxter Pharmaceutical’s new Covington GA plasma products facility design utilizes  extensive sets of skylights that presented an opportunity to harvest the daylight to minimize energy consumption from artificial lighting.


The architect specified 3M Daylight Radial Lens film to capture the natural light from wide angles with the use of UV stabilized polycarbonate lenses. These lenses have a unique design that allows them to reduce glare and eliminate hot-spots while uniformly distributing light from the lens to the interior space. The optical grade plastic also does not alter the colors of the transmitted light. National Glazing Solutions LLC, a national 3M authorized dealer, was brought in to furnish and install the 3M product at the new Baxter facility.