Glare Reduction Solution at Intercontinental Exchange Atlanta HQ

Architect for ICE Atlanta HQ Renovation Needs a Glare Reduction Solution


The architects for the new renovation at the Intercontinental Exchange HQ in Atlanta wanted a grand lobby & entrance with lots of natural light cascading in through a 3 story clear glass curtainwall. The problem was that the large expanse of clear glazing transmitted to much visible light and at certain times of the day the sun would literally blind the security guards at the front desk.


NGS was recommended to the Architects by a manufacturer partner as the premier partner to consult and provide a solution. NGS met with the architects and installed multiple samples to show the owner the range of performance from Solar Gard Truevue 5 to 3M NV-15 & 3M P18. The owner selected the Solar Gard Truevue 5 as it rejected the most visible light while maintaining a consistent aesthetic to the adjacent curtainwall glazing for the offices.

     Before:                                                         After: