The Cases

VA Hospital

Vkool 70 Clear High Heat Reduction Film

Weight Watchers International

Custom Printed Perforated film with Die Cut Backer


3M Solar Control Film Reduces Glare


Custom Plotted & Printed 3M Fasara Films

Harvesting Daylight- 3M Daylight Radial Lens Film

Baxter Pharmaceutical Harvests Daylight with 3M Daylight Radial Lens Film

Printed Latex on Dusted Crystal

Solyx Dusted Crystal With Digital Latex Print


Hanita Optitune 5 Glare & Heat Reduction

I-Gorman Jewelers

3M Dinoc Architectural Finish

Z Galleria

Custom Fabricated Skylight Cover

Norton Cancer Institute

Exterior Spectrally Select Solar Control Film

Minneapolis – St Paul International Airport

3M Milano Cuts Glare at Minneapolis St Paul International Airport

Double Tree Hotel

Heat Rejection and Decorative

Marriott Crystal City

Energy Efficiency & Privacy

Dallas Convention Center gets Face-lift with Belbien

Belbien Architectural Laminate Tapped to Transform Drywall into Rich Wood Finish

Glare Reduction Solution at Intercontinental Exchange Atlanta HQ

Architect for ICE Atlanta HQ Renovation Needs a Glare Reduction Solution

N.G.S.’s TRI-SHIELD Defeats Repeated Break-in Attempts

Thieves Stopped (3) Times from Entry at National Retailer

Energy Efficiency Window Film & Aesthetic Overhaul

Hanita Optitune 22 Solar Control Film Reduces Heat and Improves Look of Building