N.G.S. utilizes state of the art order management and project management software & online CRM ERP to deliver real time information to national account customers. The N.G.S. operations team is currently launching an iPhone/ android  application for our installers in the field to create a truly paperless process.

Proprietary Solutions:

N.G.S. developed a world class anti-intrusion system, TRI-SHIELD (in partnership with Madico) to help mitigate anti-intrusion in a way that no other applied film system has achieved. TRI-SHIELD is currently the only retrofit system in the US to pass the ASTM F1233 level 1.0 (12lb ballpeen hammer 10 strikes). Get more info (TRI-SHIELD)

Custom Tailored Solutions: 

Architects & designers call on N.G.S. to develop custom printed, plotted or laminated films to achieve design goals. One such project was developed for COX Communications in Dunwoody GA for their (2) tower CTECH project 20 stories of custom developed film. See the COX case study here: (COX)

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