Going Green= Positive Ca$h Flow

Our project managers may even be able to get your project funded with very little if any out of pocket thereby creating positive cash flow year one. Contact us @ 866.925.2083 to get started on your free building simulation. N.G.S. is Ygrene certified contractor for the Ygrene administered P.A.C.E markets, Sacramento, Miami & Atlanta. N.G.S. is also certified to run Energy Pro energy modeling platform to approve funding for P.A.C.E projects in these markets & many more.

N.G.S. is proficient in & utilizes the following energy modeling platforms:

Energy Pro: is an energy modeling platform that is an interface to the Department of Energy’s DOE2 building simulation engine used to model the energy consumption of buildings and any benefits from the installation of an energy control measure such as window film. N.G.S. belongs to an upper echelon of contractors that is energy pro certified to get P.A.C.E projects approved for funding.

EFILM: is a computer program developed by the window film industry based on the EnergyPlus simulation engine which is developed under continuous funding of US Department of Energy. EnergyPlus is considered the most detailed and accurate energy simulation program on the market. EnergyPlus incorporates the best features of DOE2.1 E and BLAST along with the latest generation of FORTRAN compilers.


eQuest: otherwise known as the Quick-Energy-Simulation-Tool was developed by the Department of Energy to be a comprehensive simulation tool that all design team members could use. eQuest incorporates a building creation wizard, energy efficiency measure wizard &  graphical reporting with a simulation engine derived from the latest version of DOE-2. Learn more about eQuest here: http://www.doe2.com/equest/



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