Architect Resource Center:

Click on our Architect Resources menu button to browse the most comprehensive collection of material specifications and technical information that the web has to offer

Solution Selling:

N.G.S. is proud to be a qualified national partner for all major manufacturers and thereby is uniquely qualified to provide direction across multiple product portfolios to ensure the the customer gets the best product solution.

Customized Sampling:

Learn how we assist architects and designers all over the country with custom tailored decorative, printed, solar or security film solutions.

Building & Glass Modeling:

Contact us today to learn about our free building and glass modeling technical services to help identify energy savings or value engineer options. N.G.S. runs sophisticated modeling programs eQuest (DOE-2) EFILM (EnergyPlus) and is also Energy Pro certified for yGrene Energy’s P.A.C.E programs across the U.S.A

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