The Benefits:

Energy efficiency

Next to lighting cooling and heating a building are responsible for a substantial chunk of a buildings operating costs. Window films can produce impressive paybacks with ROI’s ranging from 1-4 years. N.G.S. participates in a P.A.C.E programs across the U.S. ( Ygrene, Calfirst) to help building owners finance projects with virtually no out of pocket cost. Contact us for free consultation and see if your building qualifies for a free energy model analysis.

Carbon reduction

Window films reduce a buildings consumption of electricity which in turn reduce the carbon footprint or emissions of that building. N.G.S. can run EFILM  & Energy Pro  building analysis software to estimate the carbon emissions and possible reduction of emissions by the application of a window film application

Glare control

Reflective Window films can reduce up to 95% of visible light thus offering substantial glare control. Decorative & view control films can diffuse direct glare

Occupant comfort

Window film can help reduce building hotspots & reduce glare or eyestrain. Film also helps keep buildings warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer

Fade control

Most window films block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV radiation. It is important to note that fading is caused by  infrared, UV and visible light  thus important to note that clear films offering only UV protection will not provide the best fade protection


Window films can improve or overhaul the appearance of a building by making all of the windows look consistent or by changing the look completely.

N.G.S. manufacturer partners: 3M, Madico, Hanita Tek, LLumar (Eastman) , Solar Gard (st Gobain) Solyx, VKOOL, SunTek

programs & resources

N.G.S. participates in and or recommends  the following programs & resources

P.A.C.E, Consol report, CAL First, Ygrene,, REEL

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