The Benefits:

Blast Mitigation

Security films offer people and property protection from flying shards of glass.Bomb blast protection can be achieved for government properties (some films can meet up to GSA level 2 performance condition). Security films also offer Petro chemical and industrial explosion protection

Storm Mitigation

Security film provides protection from wind cycling, water and airborne debris cause by high winds and rain. Some security films & anchoring systems have been tested to meet various missile impact & windspeed tests*

Anti-Intrusion Protection

N.G.S. has developed a proprietary anti-intrusion system to meet the anti-intrusion needs of retail called TRI-SHIELD . This is currently the only window film retrofit in the USA to pass the ASTM F1233 Level 1.0 anti-intrusion test that uses a ball peen hammer with 10 strikes. Watch the field demo conducted below for a national retail partner that demonstrates how much more effective TRI-SHIELD is over a standard interior applied security film. School safety is top of mind and the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission states on page 74 that safety film should be considered as an upgrade to protect against intrusion REPORT HERE

Tri-shield video

Seismic Protection

Security films assist in keeping broken glass from shattering and falling out of frames during the twisting motion associated with seismic events

Anti Graffiti

Anti- graffiti films have an easy release adhesive and thick (up to 7mil) layer of polyester to act as sacrificial barriers against acid etching, graffiti, scratching. Uses for AG films are limitless and often found on signs, elevator cabs, doors, glass storefronts and counters.

Signals Defense (IR/RF attentuation)

Inquire directly to learn more about specialized films that can attenuate infrared & radio frequencies for corporate and government security applications

Safety & Security Window Film Test Results Summary  Tool

Click the link  or image below for the: Security Window Film Performance Tests Results Summary Tool

The purpose of this section is to provide specifiers and architects easy access to independent, third-party testing.

The link below will open a NEW TAB where you can select and DOWNLOAD original manufacturer’s test data.

Security Film Performance tool

Security Film Performance tool

Please CLICK ONLY ONCE and BE PATIENT as this tool pours through thousands of pages of documents to provide just the information you need.

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